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Batching Plants is a company directed to improve your production system with the best machinery and design construction. Our plants have the particularity of being designed completely under the production needs, space and resources of our clients. This way, your company will receive a customized product that will grant the major benefit of your investment.

Why Batching Plants?

Batching plants specializes in the industrial sector and knows how every material have special requirements to actually function to the fullest. The problem is that generic plants are too general, as the name implies, and sometimes, even when they work fairly, they are not getting you the top production capacity for your industry.

That’s why we want to offer you personalized plants that adapt to your needs and preferences and also have some aggregates such as buried hoppers or, on the contrary, outdoors with automatic loads.

Among the sectors that have satisfactorily received our services we count with the following elements, in which we are specialized and offer only the best quality services, materials, and results:

Whether it is a mixing or batching plant, we follow a very careful procedure to ensure that every detail is covered and that the result is exactly what your company needs. Aiming for a maximum production, we first meet with our clients for discussing the project they have in mind.

Once the project is set, then we perform an even deeper study to determine and implement the drawing to make that project have a first physical impression. You’ll be able to see what your plant is going to look like and how it’s going to work according to the drawings. Also, this allows us to assure that the measures and structure will fit perfectly the space available.

After everything is ready, we develop the project with a meticulous monitoring of the manufacture, assembly of your plant to achieve the best result for the commissioning stage. We also monitor and have your back during the commissioning to assure everything works perfectly.

artifical stone

Refractory Products and Precast Concrete

We also repair your damaged equipment!

The best part is that our company won’t leave yours alone after we’re done with the project. We also offer consulting and repair of your machinery and equipment.

These services consist in developing a fault diagnosis to understand what the problems are and where they come from. After that, a technical and budget report of the needed repair is delivered to your company. This way, you’ll be able to determine which repairs are urgent and how are you managing the costs.

In case your entire plant is working but fails in a single piece, we are glad to inform you that we can also manufacture spare parts and special components. These components are also designed to suit all your needs and are more affordable than complete reparation.

Finally, during our diagnosis we can also propose the replacement of existing equipment that is obsolete, bringing the latest technology for your company. In Batching Plants, we believe in helping the industry to grow in the most productive and profitable way.

batching plants

In Batching Plants, we offer the best solutions for your plant, offering the following services:

Batching and Mixing Plants.
  • Study and implementation.
  • Project development.
  • Monitoring the manufacture, assembly and commissioning.
  • Planetary Mixers
Overhaul and repair of equipment.
  • Fault Diagnosis.
  • Budget and technical report of the repair.
  • Manufacturing of spare parts and special components.
  • Proposed replacement of existing equipment absolet teams.

We design the plant according to your needs and preferences, metal construction, or, work ;  with the aggregate hoppers buried, or, outdoors with automatic load.

We specialize in the following sectors: Precast Concrete, Artificial Stone, Pavement, Aggregate, Refractory Products. And other sectors or applications to query…

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