Batching Plants: Know everything about them

Batching Plants

About Batching Plants

A concrete plant is responsible for manufacturing this important construction material. The way it does it comes from several elements that can be added by others. Cement, crushed stone, sand, water, and chemical additives are some of these ingredients just to name a few.

The concrete is manufactured inside the batching plant in bathrooms measured so that it is done in an efficient way and handled clearly by experts. Now, there are several ways to prepare the concrete and everything depends on the way you treat the raw material.

1) Aggregates:

Crushed stones are stored in large iron containers. Inside these containers, you will find trays that have divisions to store each special size of the stones. In this way, the containers also have a gate in the lower part that works in a hydraulic way.

Another feature of the Batching Plants is that the aggregates flow under gravity through the entire space until they reach a weighted container. The aggregates are weighed while the system closes the gates that may have been left open.

2) Cement:

Once the cement is produced, the Batching Plant is responsible for storing it in cement silos with a high capacity for tons. This modality must be adjusted manually to program how much cement will be received. When the limit is reached, the screws are turned off.

3) Water:

You can enter the Batching Plant (or Batch Plant) in the form of flow or volumetric. The way it is entered is totally direct to the area of ​​the mix and is a crucial step.

4) Mixing:

Once the Batching Plant or Concrete Batching Plant is expelled, the mixture can add any suitable chemical to modify the chemical properties of the concrete. This may or may not delay the completion of your product. You can know more here.

Batching Plants for sale

You already know which are the most important phases that a batching plant goes through. But if you are thinking about buying one, here we leave you the types in which you will have to choose

  • Wet type concrete: All the ingredients are mixed in a single container and not separately. You can adapt it to different mixers. It is a very good Batching Plant for sale.
  • Dry type concrete: All the ingredients are mixed together except for the water that requires a transit mixer. It is actually done inside the truck to form the concrete before reaching the site that needs it.

You can know more about batching plants sectors here.

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