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Batching Plants offer to your company a great range of services that will help you improve your production and boost the benefits of your industry.

Concrete Batching Plants Designs services

Batching Plants Designs

A pre-made and molded concrete structure that is ready to be used in any construction. Also, this material is cured in a controlled environment instead of curing it in the place, so it assures maximum quality and durability.

Artificial Stone

Engineered or artistic stone, this material substitutes the natural and harder to obtain stones making an excellent construction material for both buildings and artistic representations such as statues.

Beton transport

Top quality mixers will provide you the right combination of cement and aggregates for the concrete you need, everywhere you need it.

Aggregate bagget

We offer a great range of aggregates for your mixed concrete such as gravel, sand, etc.

Refractory products

Constructing for high temperatures? Our non-metallic materials and products support the highest temperatures in the industry and will always behave in a safe and productive way.


If road repairing or construction is your thing, in Batching Plants we offer the best quality pavement that will be very durable and easily extended.

Whether you need a 1 o 2 stars planetary mixer, with 2, 3 or 4 mixing arms, our mixers will guarantee the density your mix needs with a high-resistance result for reducing lifetime costs.

Whether you need two or more pulleys, our belts are designed to perform at best capacity during its entire lifetime. Resistant and easy-flowing our belts will deliver top quality behavior. Our available options are:

  • Material handling conveyor belts
  • Bulk material Handling conveyor belts

Dosing and weighing scales

Use only the right amount of material and never get badly dosed results on your mixing thanks to our dosing and weighing scales and systems. It doesn’t matter if it’s solid or liquid; the systems will always be precise and save you a lot of money in material dosing.

Mixing spiders for pan mixing

Besides offering the mixers, we also manufacture spare parts such as mixing spiders that will help you take your mixers back to maximum performance. Depending on the size of your mixers we’ll provide spiders with two, three or even four paddles so you’ll take the most of your mixer again.

Lids for mixers

Another spare part that always has to be changed and can stop completely a mixer is the lid. But a damaged lid is no reason for changing the entire mixer! In Batching Plants, we offer you the spare part you need for taking your mixer back to its maximum capacity.

Arms and blades for mixers

If the spider is fine but some of the arms or paddles got damaged, you don’t need to change the entire spider either! Save money and get back to your full production sooner by ordering our spare part service for mixer’s arms and blades.

A concrete Batching Plants design is your best ally for making your building company work at its best and always maintain the top quality standards. Contact us!

  • Panetary and Pan Mixers.
  • Conveyor belts.
  • Beton Transport.
  • Dosing and weighing.
  • Mixing Spiders for pan mixers.
  • Lids for mixers.
  • Arms and blades for mixers.
  • Funds and side protection.