Precast Concrete, a better way

Precast concrete building

Precast Concrete Building

Know more about precast concrete history, types and building materials.

The origins of precast concrete are a center of discussion. Some believe that it originated in Rome thanks to the extensive network of underground tunnels that demonstrate the use of precast building materials.

However, the history that documents it says that it began in the 1900s when an engineer discovered that the components of precast concrete could be joined to create resistant structures.

To make concrete precast, it is crucial to have a mold. This resource is the main difference between pre-fabricated concrete and cast-in-place concrete. Without the mold, it would not be possible to shape the precast concrete and it would be even more difficult to take it to where it is needed.

The process by which the precast concrete passes by pouring the concrete into a wooden or steel mold with reinforcing bars or meshes. Then, this mixture must be cured in a controlled environment that is normally in a plant. Finally, when all this process is completed, the precast concrete is transported to the construction site where it is needed.

Some people place precast concrete reinforcement on the precast concrete panels. The reason why this reinforcement is done is due to the utility they have in many structures and buildings where a higher level of resistance for the weights needs to be reached. This cable provides tension in the center of the concrete.

Regardless of whether or not this prestressing is done, concrete precast will continue to be a very strong construction material and that is why it is one of the main components of urban structures.

Benefits of precast concrete

The concrete products arrive at the site where they will be used completely customized with the customer’s requirements. In addition, they are ready for a quick installation. But these are not just the benefits that precast concrete gives you.

Controlled environment

As stated above, a controlled environment is necessary so that the precast concrete can be finished. This eliminates any possibility of external agents interfering with the production line. A controlled environment means control over the production of the concrete and the construction time of your building.

Versatility and Sustainability

Concrete is a material that enjoys a lot of versatility since many things can be done with the forms it produces. That’s why the precast concrete buildings are beautiful and dynamic. On the other hand, precast concrete is made with natural aggregates and works with recycled water and helps companies reduce waste by making plans for their reuse.